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Salary and benefits
Kim Rui promised to provide the industry with competitive remuneration, according to company performance and individual contribution to the size of the award;

1, salary structure: basic salary + performance pay + bonus;

2, five social insurance and one housing fund: the company to buy provisions of national and local policies for the employee's social insurance and housing fund;

3, commercial insurance: the company for all employees to buy commercial insurance, accidental death, disability, burns, public traffic accident, hospitalization benefits, accident and medical projects containing;

4, the statutory holidays: enjoy the legal national holidays and marriage, maternity leave, funeral leave, statutory holidays;

5, paid annual leave: employees worked more than a year, can enjoy the state's annual leave;

6, the annual physical examination: the company is very concerned about the physical condition of the staff, the organization of the routine physical examination of the staff;

7, account and file: the company to help staff for Shenzhen accounts receive and file hosting;

8, other benefits: transportation subsidies, annual tourism, holiday / birthday gifts, as well as colorful ball games, cultural activities.
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